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Bio Degradable & Sustainable Food Packaging Manufacturer

At Baid Foodpac, we design, manufacture, and supply the foodservice industry with world-class paper and cardboard packaging products, delivered with the level of service and care.

Premium Quality Products

Quality is what makes a good product. Quality is a major concern when we consume our food. Our biodegradable & sustainable foods product manufacturer contain the best quality materials. We source our products from the top grade vendors keeping the quality. We offer you our value that is definitely value for your money.

100% Natural

Our environmental biodegradable products are healthy and ensure that our products contain no plastic or wax lining with 100% natural ingredients.Thus reducing pollution and waste.

Food Packaging

Lunch Box (Single Lock)

We use Barrier coatings on Hard sized paperboard to give a robust grease resistance

Rice / Noodle Box

These boxes are free standing with hinged lid for quick and easy filling.

Double Cover Meal Box

Double Cover Meal lunch boxes are the most preferred style for every food takeaway.

Cake Box

The perfect presentation for the joyous occasions involving the perfectly baked pies and cakes.

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It’s always better when it’s natural.


Rapid Innovation

Cost Efficient

Focused on Foodservice Packaging

Compostable and Recyclable Products

Customized Solutions

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We offer 100% biodegradable products which contain no plastic and recyclable products. Our goal is to keep our environment clean and green by making it a better place for all living beings. 

We are focused on saving the environment by using it in the right way. Get in touch with us to know how we process and manufacture our biodegradable products.